Cambiasso Claims Numerous Offers

Former Inter Milan Esteban Cambiasso says that he has received a lot of offers from several clubs in Europe after becoming a free agent. The 33-year-old left Inter Milan last season and he will now be able to join any club without a transfer fee. Due to the experience and quality that he offers, many clubs are reportedly looking to take Cambiasso from Italian football. They include the likes of Tottenham from the English Premier league. After having played for the likes of Real Madrid and Inter Milan in the last decade, Cambiasso is a player who knows the top-level football inside out.

He has lifted numerous trophies including the Champions League in 2010. There have also been five league titles along the way. After having experienced such highs in his career, Cambiasso had to leave after having failed to help Inter Milan qualify for Europe this campaign. Despite this setback, Cambiasso is unlikely to face any shortage of offers as the World Cup comes to an end. He is widely expected to complete a move before the end of July. There have also been suggestions that he may decide to leave European football and return to Argentina.

Cambiasso has rejected such suggestions by stating that he wants to continue playing in Europe at least for a few more years. “My career for the time being is still in Europe. I have several proposals from big clubs but as a sign of respect for them I will not reveal the negotiations that my father and my brother are undertaking. My future is very far from Argentina,” said the midfielder on the official site of Inter. The midfielder made more than 300 appearances in the league for Inter Milan from 2004 to 2014. He represented Real Madrid for two years from 2002 to 2004.