Italian football not going through good Time

Italian football is going through a declining moment as there are less and less world class players making a move to the Italian League. The downfall of the Italian football is evidenced by the fact that there is only one Italian club competing in the Champions League which is Juventus.

Spain, Germany and England all have 3 representatives in the European competition with almost all of the clubs from these countries having a genuine chance on winning the Champions League title.

Rudi Garcia took control of his first professional Italian club on June 12 of 2013 as he was appointed as the coach of As.Roma and the tactician has a few things to say about why Italy is going through such a downhill road.

“Italy is a great country. We must not make comparisons with what happens within the world of football and outside of it.This is the same for France as well. In Italian football, there are no executives who are responsible for the general organization,”

“There are numerous things that can be improved, but this is not my task. “There are rules in Italian football that must be respected even if they are strange. For example: To be tried and sentenced for something that one is not affiliated with, without even hearing the person who was involved, is a very amazing thing.” Rudi Garcia told the media.

Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the favorites on winning the next edition of the Champions League but Manchester City and Chelsea have a good enough squad that can compete against Europe’s best meanwhile Italy’s only representative, Juventus is light years away from even being taking into consideration as a legitimate contender for the trophy.

The stadiums are not being filled with supporters like it used to be some years ago and this is reaching new levels of disappointment as people just aren’t excited to watch Italian football and are making a switch to other leagues that have more to offer to its fans in terms of excitement and thrills.