Roma striker Francesco Totti has said that only the Argentine, Lionel Messi, is better than him. The 36-year-old recently completed 20 years playing for Roma after making a debut as a 16-year-old two decades ago. During this period, Totti has established himself as one of the important players at not only Roma, but also at the international level as well. He has not been playing with the Italian national team for the last few years.

Totti has said that he is only below Lionel Messi when it comes to football ability, in his mind. He has said that he would not place any Italian footballer above him. Totti has acknowledged the fact that people may point to the statistics in order to prove him otherwise. Despite the presence of several great players at Roma over the years, Totti has managed to establish himself as one of the legends of the club. The one club man has recently said that he is ready to sign a new contract with the club. The 36-year-old will soon be out of contract at Roma, and he has said that he cannot sees himself playing elsewhere.

Totti has also praised the talent of the AC Milan striker, Mario Balotelli, by saying that he is capable of becoming one of the greatest in the game.

“There is only one player who is doing things that I could never do and that is Messi. I do not think there is an Italian footballer who I would place above myself in the list, though. The numbers speak for themselves. I would say that he can become a phenomenon, but it all depends on his attitude and his behaviour. It’s about the things you do outside the pitch, too,” said the 36-year-old in a recent interview. He has 11 goals in 26 appearances this season.