The Roma manager Zdenek Zeman has criticised the Italian football by saying that the players within Italian football do not know what it takes to win football matches anymore. The Roma manager was extremely negative when it came to the opinions about the Italian football, but has said that he is confident that his club can finally achieve some glory this season. It has been a difficult few years for Roma after they have not been without the Champions League income. They have found it difficult to compete against the likes of AC Milan and Inter Milan without this income.

One of the main objectives for the new Roma manager prior to the start of the new season will be to finish in the top three positions in the Italian league. This will ensure qualification to the Champions League. Last season was extremely disappointing for the Italian club after they finished in the seventh position behind Inter Milan. Roma have made some crucial signings in the summer, while some players have also left the club. Ahead of the start of the new season, the Roma manager Zdenek Zeman has said that the Italian players have forgot the art of winning in recent seasons.

“In Italy, you know, they don’t know how to lose. They don’t even know how to win anymore. I’ve been here for more than 40 years. I feel Italian. We have lost credibility (as a nation). Isn’t football a game? We should play it then. In order to be on par with the big clubs, (Roma) must prove something on the pitch. I hope the team can have a positive campaign and compete with everyone. This term we’re starting from scratch and I think everyone has a chance to prove themselves,” said Zdenek Zeman about Italian football and Roma.