Italian Football is completely dependent on Juventus

For the latest 7 years, Italian Football has been sustaining a huge dip in quality and this is becoming very clear as Juventus has consecutively been winning the Italian League Serie A since 2011.

Juventus is the dominant team in Italy and no other club has seriously challenged them and this is something buy office 2013 key that has been occurring even after Juventus experienced a managerial change as Antonio Conte was pushing the club for the top spot of Serie A from 2011 until 2014 and even after Conte left to take over the Premier League club Chelsea and Massimiliano Allegri arrived to the Juventus Stadium on July of 2014, the placement of Juventus has not suffered any negative effects.

The last Italian club that has managed to win the Champions League was Inter Milan and this was back when Jose Mourinho guided them to the finals and overcame Bayern Munich with a final scoreboard of 2-0.

Ac.Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus have traditionally been considered as the titans of Italy as those are the clubs that have lifted most European titles but they have fallen off of their pedestals and now the spotlight is starting to shine upon As.Roma as well as Napoli.

The Premier League has quickly turned into one of the most attractive and entertaining football leagues to watch, especially after the arrival of top managers such as: Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. The Spanish League La Liga, is being tightly contested between Barcelona, Sevilla and Real Madrid.

The other only top European league that has suffered such a huge dip in quality in recent times has been office 2013 Product key Italy, this might be changing in the near future though as Ac.Milan has been building a youth squad filled with talented players and are expected to lead the way for the club in a few years’ time.