Juventus Manager still not Happy with Team

Juventus may be on their way to earn the domestic as well as continental glory, but, their manager reckons that the team is not doing its best in all the departments.

Before Juventus, the last time an cheap windows 10 Product Key Italian team had finished with Serie A as well as European Cup triumph was Internazionale and they had done that 7 years back in 2010.

Internazionale had actually completed a three-way feat back then as they had clinched Coppa Italia as well.

Juventus can match that three-way feat this time around as they are also in contention for Coppa Italia title along with the league and the European title.

With the season going so well all around, one would think that Juventus must be doing everything perfectly, but, the opinion of Allegri, who is managing the team, is different.

The manager says that there are certain things he has in his mind in which he wants the team to get better.

Also Allegri is trying to remain in the present and is not thinking about lifting the trophies and neither does he want his players to start to think on those lines already.

According to him, yes his team is in a strong position in all the tournaments, but, the fact is that they have not won any of the tournaments just yet. The tournaments are still to be won. The work is still to be done and that’s why the focus should remain intact.

The leagues title, however, seems guaranteed at this stage because the points’ tally of Roma, the no. 2 in the league, is in the mid-seventies only (75), while, that of Juventus is in the early eighties (83) and there’s only five more softproductkey round of games to be held.

If Roma covers this gap of 8 points and pips Juventus in the standings from here, it would be nothing short of miraculous.