24 thoughts on “Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Juventus Supply Drop”

  1. Graphics look bad and animations not realistic and this game doesnt look
    like a war game. Looks like fifa. Is this Fifa: advance warfare edition?

  2. What does this boring sport have to do with cod? Is this how you advertise
    soccer to Americans? lol 

  3. Hey guys I’m not one to promote call of duty, but think of it this way. We
    have never seen a full game from sledge hammer, that could be a good thing,
    you never know what’s in store for us. It was easy to predict the outcome
    of a call of duty from infinity ward and trey arch because they would just
    recycle the same game. But maybe sledgehammer has something good to offer(:

  4. For this video i don’t buy this videogame juventus isn’t a cool team of
    italy one cool team of italy is inter

  5. I hope Black ops 3 is coming after this piece of cowshit. In the past and
    with the oldschool zombies. Thats the only thing i want, til i die

  6. So if we pre-order this the drone will come to our house and drop a care
    pakage with CoD:AW Day Zero Edition in it?

  7. Soccer is the worst sport, nobody cares about some italian idiots kicking a
    ball around. This is call of duty not that fifa crap.

  8. you know that if a fps company is paying soccer players to advertise their
    game, its going downhill

  9. Obv them fools know nothing about football
    its obvious to everyone that series A and all of Italian football is a
    shadow of its former self and no longer has any shine, nowhere as good as
    BBVA BPL or bundesliga

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